Saturday, July 16, 2011

The versatile muffin

So it's breakfast time, and while rummaging around in the fridge I find there is nothing I feel like making again. Start me off with a glass of coke, and by the time the kids are wanting something, then I will be hungry.

Yes - I used to be a cereal girl for breakfast. My second son (6 months yesterday) seems to have a slight intolerance for the milk I like to add to it. What to do? Along with that and the lack of time in the morning, I have started making various 'all in one' breakfast goods.

The first attempt was a breakfast pretzel. Then various kinds of muffins and finally a gipfeli (croissant)
The pretzels were good - a little messy looking, but the taste is what we're after, right? (at least the first time). And my two year old was able to help pinch and roll them together.  I must admit, that I did not make the dough recipe that came with it - I did not have the ingredients (agave nectar) and the grocery stores have plenty of cheap, ready made dough to use. Add two little kids into the mix and you'll think the same way I do.

Depending on the consistency of the dough used, your results will vary.  I used a croissant dough for the gipfeli and a flaky dough (blattertieg) for the muffins and pretzels and also tried a pizza dough (pizzateig).  I actually liked the flaky dough muffins the best.  You will have to just try different ones until you find the one you like best.

The key to these is keeping your filling parts small so they don't burst out. Also try not to go overboard putting your fillings in -you'll have a hard time rolling them.  Any leftovers though, you could wrap up in a tortilla and have a well deserved afternoon snack.

I have put mustard - a thin layer in all my breakfast dishes - it helps the other ingredients to stick.
My favorite combination:
Breakfast Muffins
scrambled egg
schnittlauch (chives)
speckw├╝rfel (bacon)
Appenzeller cheese (shredded)
senf (mustard )
rot zwiebel (red onion)

For the muffins, take the dough (I have found it easiest to buy the packs with two rolls of dough)
Spread a thin layer of mustard (or sour cream or anything else) on one layer. Keep the other for later.
Spread a thin layer of toppings on the dough, add cheese (if desired)
Cover with the 2nd layer of dough
Using a sharp knife, slice into 12 strips
Pinch the sides of the strips together and roll.  I use a silicon muffin pan and just place the rolls in the pan as I go.
Bake at the temperature instructed on the teig (dough) package.  When in doubt, 180C (350 F) for 25-35 minutes seems to be good :)

For the croissants (gipfeli) I used:
champignon (mushroom)
feta cheese
scrambled egg
schnittlauch (chives)

Follow the directions on the dough package. As you can see, I overstuffed mine and the rolls ended up a bit lumpy and un-crescent like. However, this was my first attempt to make them. The dough I had only made 8 small gipfeli. I prefer to make the muffins as they are a bit heartier and there are more so I have less cooking to do. The gipfeli would make a good Sunday brunch though I think.

I make these on Sunday and then put them in the fridge.  My husband likes to heat them up in the mornings but I find that a cold pretzel/muffin/croissant is just find.  The best thing is, depending on your ingredients of course, you're getting a good dose of protein and veggies to start your day!

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