Friday, August 12, 2011

What's for lunch?

Lunch has always been the hardest meal for me to figure out since I've been home.

In the US, lunch was easy.  I'd buy frozen dinners - 5 for $10 - either the WW or the Smart Ones and take them to work with me. Or I'd go up to the cafeteria and get a salad or something. On weekends, we'd be out and about and stop at Taco Bell (oh how I miss you!) or Chipotle or stop into Johnny Carino's and have some yummy Italian food.  It was easy.  All I really had to plan were dinners.

Now that we are here (and I really am loving it now), it's harder.  Not only do I have to plan dinner, but I also have to plan lunch. No easy takeout for us.  And the prepared dinners are anywhere from 5-7.50 CHF.  Who wants to buy those for lunch every day? (Not to mention, there is no way to get a weeks worth of lunches and ingredients for dinner in your fridge!).  There's always the 'leftovers' - which is ok for me, especially now that I have 2 little kids to deal with at meal time - heck, I'm happy just to have a bite of whatever was last night's dinner without even microwaving it.  Doesn't work for hubby though - unless it was really good (or I'm out the next day), he would rather not have leftovers. Luckily Coop and Migros both have a few prepackaged meals that won't break the bank.  Mainly pasta dishes that you need to cook on the stove.  I'll make a few of those in the coming days.

So what's a person to do?  Well, I've been breaking out the cookbooks, and trying to think of what to make.
My favorites are:
Sandwiches - oh how I miss you Mr. Toaster Oven...
Grilled burritos
Fresh baguette with brie
Whatever the kids give me time to cook.

There are many varieties of sandwiches/wraps. From the basic lunch meat, cheese and bread, to the more elaborate - fresh cooked chicken on a roll with all the trimmings, Corner Bakery's Chicken Salad (one of hubby's favorites) and grilled mozzarella with tomato and pesto. I will make all of these for you soon.

Grilled burritos are simple - patience is the key (and Cheddar!  -Migros Brunaupark or Jelmoli)

Fresh baguette and brie is the simplest

Salads can range from a bag of mixed greens and dressing to the "I will make you full for the rest of the day kind"

Leftovers - cold or reheated - a time saver

Whatever the kids will let you have - nothing to a bite to "they're sleeping? What do I make??? And running around frantically :-)

Or of course, the pre made meals. Some come in smaller packages and are more suited to lunch and the others are bigger for dinner (or of course you can reverse that).

Recipes and pictures to follow! Today is the 'one bite of leftovers from the fridge' kind of day.