Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas dinner?

So what is everyone making for Christmas dinner?

Apparently these are the wish list ones:

1. Goose - anyone made one? Have a good recipe?  I saw them in Kaufland in Konstanz if you're interested...

2.  Turkey - Migros has a whole new shipment of frozen birds in.  Going today to check out the prices

3. Spiral Cut Ham - I made one two years ago (lovingly nicknamed Piglet because of the size).  It wasn't spiral cut but I did glaze it - after having to boil it and bake it.  Turned out well but it was a lot of work.
Is it possible to get them spiral cut? Do I have to talk to a butcher?

4. Lamb.  Considering this, however if we don't I will pacify hubby by making it for Easter.   Will also check out prices at Migros.  I don't know the prices at the Turkish store offhand, however they have a large selection of meat and I've been told for good prices.

Now...on to the baking of desserts some more...