Thursday, November 3, 2011

Turkey in Switzerland

Just to update - Migros has frozen Turkeys from 33chf for 2.8 kg and 45chf for a 3.8 kg.  I think there was one more but don't remember. They also have Goose and Duck.  Just make sure to measure your freezer/fridge and oven first!

Just a quick post - if you will be wanting a Turkey soon, and want to order one, start thinking about where to get one.

Migros have frozen ones - about 3-4 kg and the price jumps from about 45chf to 80 the closer you get to the end of November.  I used this option for the first Thanksgiving I was in Zurich.

Last year, I went to the Butcher and ordered one.  He was just a local one and only needed about 3 days.  I got the Turkey unfrozen and it was about 75chf for a Swiss one.  It was 4kg I think.

You can also order Turkey's at Jelmoli but they run higher. They will also provide you with side dishes and/or cook the Turkey.

There are various butchers in central Zurich (and I would imagine elsewhere) that will also order a Turkey for you and either brine it or not.  Even if they do not have them advertised, just ask.  The bigger shops you will need to order a few weeks in advance (So if you're thinking American Thanksgiving, go now!)

If you are having a lot of people and can perhaps split some costs (or just don't mind them) you can get your entire meal delivered.

Here are some websites:

Peace Foods - in Baar:
Main Page
Turkey Dinner pdf

This next place seems very reasonable, they need at least a week to deliver:
Gefluegel Gormet
Der Truthahn für die Festtage
I have not tried them, but may.  They have a range of sizes and prices, the first being 3-4kg for 50chf

Another one is Melt Catering:
Thanksgiving meals

If you would like to make your own dinner with a little help, you can get some staples from - they have stuffing mixes, gravy, desert basics and lots of other good things.

I am going to attempt to make most things from scratch using Swiss ingredients so will probably only order a few things.

If you like cranberry sauce, there are packaged Cranberries in the fruit section at Coop now - Oceanspray brand.  I can't live without my jellied cranberry sauce so I will be having that from a can.  Nothing says Thanksgiving better than can shaped cranberry sauce :-D And no, I don't leave it in can form when I put it on the table

I will post the sides I will make in a week or so after I figure them all out :)

Happy Turkey Shopping!