Spices, Conversions and Substitutions

Here are some of the spices I use and their German equivalent. I will add more as I use more

Basil - Basilikum
Caraway Seed - Kümmel
Cilantro - Koriander
Chives - Schnittlauch
Cinnamon - Zimt
Cloves - Nelken
Cumin - Kreuzkümmel
Garlic - Knoblauch
Ginger - Ingwer
Nutmeg - Muskatnuss
Parsley - Petersilie
Pepper - Pfeffer
Rosemary - Rosmarin
Sage - Salbei
Salt - Salz
Thyme - Thymian
Turmeric - Kurkuma

Here is a link for spice and herb substitutions:

Here are some different conversions and substitutions.  If you know of any great substitution or conversion websites, please let me know

To substitute cake yeast (what is available in CH) from active dry yeast (available in the US - a lot of my cookbooks), or instant dry yeast, this website is great.

Here is a link to make some fast food recipes at home.  Including Taco Bell, Chipotle, movie popcorn, KFC, Stuffed Crust Pizza, Carl's Jr, McDonalds Bic Mac, Fries, In and Out Burger.  These are all things I will make when I find some time and I will let you know how they turn out.  If you try them, please share the results! :-)

For everything you ever wanted to know about how long your food lasts, go to the Eat by Date website. From dairy to veggies, and everything in between.

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