Friday, August 5, 2011

The ultimate 'cake'

For my husband's birthday, I normally make him a traditional chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Sometimes decorated, sometimes not. Or brownies. Anything chocolate and he's happy.  So last year, he sent me an idea to a desert that can only be classified as the richest thing you have ever tasted.

I will have to make it again sometime (now that we've recovered) and post the process. For this you either need someone in the US to send you a few goodies, or to visit one of the specialty shops - online or at the mall.  I used for the caramels and bought 2 bags.  I had my mother send me some of the Reeces Pieces - the m&m type and the mini cups. A chocolate chip cookie mix is useful as well, which is what I used, otherwise you need to know how to make the cookies from scratch ( is a good site). The rest I bought at the local grocery store.

What you need:
1 bag chocolate chip cookie mix ( you can buy chocolate 'chips' - more like squares - at the Migros or Coop though)
Nestle cookie recipe

6 cups Rice Krispies (or the like)
1 bag marshmallows
3 tbsp butter or margarine

2 packages of caramels - you can buy them in rolls at Coop, but I'm not sure if they are the same. If you don't have a double boiler, you can put water in a pot and then a saucepan on top of it to melt them. Put in at least a tsp of water so they don't stick, but it should say on the package.

1-2 bags chocolate for melting (available at Coop and Migros - just be super careful if you use the microwave. burnt chocolate is NOT pleasant). 
1 package mini Reeses PB cups
1 package Reeses Pieces

You will need to multitask a bit, but the effort is worth it. 

If using the cookie mix, follow the directions then spread it in the bottom of a 9x13 pan (or close). Leave a room around the edges for the cookie to spread.  Cooking time and temp is your recipe or the box. The cookie should be cooked until just golden brown.  Remove from oven.

While the cookie base is cooking, prepare the rice krispy treats. 
1 bag of marshmallows and 3 tbsp butter mixed together at low heat until melted. 
Add the 6 cups of cereal and mix
If you wish to add some color, put a few drops of food coloring in with the marshmallow mixture. 

You will need to melt the caramels while doing this as well. It took about 10 minutes for mine to be melted - from the time I started the water boiling. They will remain liquid as long as they are over the heat and you continue stirring. 

When the cookie is done, spread the caramel over the top and press the rice krispies in (I mixed some of the reeses pieces into it as well). The caramel will hold the two pieces together. Drizzle your melted chocolate over the top (you can boil the bag in water or if you are better than I am at it, use your microwave). Drop Reeses PB cups over the top and sprinkle with the remaining Reeses Pieces. 

I suggest cutting into 12 squares (or treat size) as this is very rich.  If you think it might last longer than the day, store individually in wax paper and seal them in a bag for the fridge