Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pizza fun

This is something you could do for parties, for yourself just for fun or for your kids.  You can use a shaped cookie cutter, an open empty can or a shallow cake pan (think the Christmas pans that make brownie sized cakes in different shapes). I used a dinosaur and an elephant bread cutter to make my shapes since that is what our son is very into right now for his bread and that's what grandma sent :)

What you need:
I'll start off by saying I used what I had:
pasta sauce
pizza dough
a mozzarella cheese ball
and sandwich cutters.

Other options would have been:
the shredded mozzarella/cheddar/parmesan
olives/mushrooms/zucchini/peppers/ham or salami

Roll out the dough and place your chosen cutter on it. If the cutter sticks, put some flour on a plate and set the cutter on it briefly so that the dough will pull away easily. I had no trouble with the plastic ones.  I would suggest wiggling the cutter briefly after pressing (and holding) so that no part of it is stuck to the rest of the dough or you may have to go back.

Put a small amount of sauce on the pizza shapes and then top them with your favorite toppings. If making them for kids and adding veggies I would hide them all under the cheese (unless they don't care...unfortunately, mine does)

Enlist the help of the picky child (if making them for one) and they should be happier to eat their creations.
I chose to freeze some of mine so I took the drawer out of the freezer and put the shapes on a small baking sheet - yes, 8 is all I managed to fit inside the freezer. You should see what happens at Thanksgiving time!
Allow to freeze solid - I left them alone for 2 hours, and then put them in seal-able baggies. I kept them flat.

Make sure to either write on the bag or cut out the cooking time/temperature guide from the pizza dough. (otherwise 200 C for about 15 minutes is usually a good guess).

Ready for the oven
Ready for eating (apparently there was too much cheese)