Sunday, July 17, 2011

Barley with artichoke hearts and tomatoes


Barley is something I had never had in the US.  I have tried two recipes already that included this. My parents liked the first so much that when they went back to the US, they made it for their friends (hadn't made the second yet).

Roasted barley, ham, and artichoke hearts 

What you need:
 6 dl vegetable stock 
150 g barley  
100 g ham    
2 garlic cloves       
140 g artichoke hearts in oil   
150 g cherry tomatoes    
Oil for frying      
50 g spinach         
1 1/2 Tbps Pesto  
1 lemon - juice only (1/2 oz)              
Salt and Pepper for seasoning   

Bring the bullion to a boil and add the barley, reducing to medium for 20 minutes, drain when done. Meanwhile, dice the ham, chop the garlic, drain and slice the artichokes and cut the tomatoes in half. Heat the oil in a frying pan and saute all but tomatoes and barley for about 3 minutes. Add the barley and tomatoes, stir to mix and then add the spinach (just until wilted). Mix the pesto and lemon juice, add into barley mixture just before serving. 

 This is without spinach as the people I was making it for didn`t care for it, however I have made it with the spinach, and it is very good that way as well. Also, I didn`t use the cherry tomatoes this time, I quartered a whole one. Good either way.

Goes well with a fresh salad and bread. 

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