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This is dedicated to fun things you can do within Switzerland -useful classes you can take, things that you can get for free and websites that have great online classes for free.

Rewards for buying butter

Did you know that if you buy the Floralp butter, there are points on the outside of each wrapper? 1 point for 100g and 2 for 200g of butter. You can go to their website and see what they have to offer for the different amounts of points. I recently sent in 6 (or 8, can`t remember) points for a set of 4 heart shaped ramekins. If you don`t have a brand loyalty to your butter, I would definitely suggest Floralp, as 1, it is good, and 2, you get free stuff!
Here is their website that tells you about what you need to do, and here is their catalog. It is all in German, however you can always use Google Translate, or download Chrome and have your page automatically translated.

Learning how to make Bento lunches

This is a set of courses designed to get you thinking about making lunches in a new way. From figuring out what type of foods you eat, to how much food you are consuming and how to pack it to go, this is a great course. I actually bought his cookbook on Amazon first, and then found the website...and then the Facebook page, and then the course. You can go here to see a list of the assignments and begin your own fun lunch adventure. The website is 

Japanese Cooking

Another website by the same author as the Just Bento website, is Just Hungry. He is starting a course on Japanese cooking on the week of March 4th, and has provided a list of ingredients (the special ones), you will need before hand.  For those of you in an area where Japanese food is plentiful, you will probably have no trouble finding what you need. However for those of us not, he has provided a website, Japan Centre,  and they will ship to Switzerland, so I am very excited to begin this course. Come join me!

Coupon Code through October 31, 2013

Regarding the above, if you go to Just Hungry or Just Bento, you can click on the banner add for the Japan Centre website and get a code for 20% off. Time to shop! :-)

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