Wednesday, August 17, 2011


-So I have been here for about 3 years now, and finally, last week, I went to Konstanz!  I'll gloss over the non-food part, but get there early in the morning if you want a place to park.  If you take the train though, it drops you off right in the center and you should be able to get to closer shopping. I would recommend a car though, if possible - the trip from Zurich was only about 50 minutes and you can get a lot more in your car than on the train.
We went to Lago and looked around at the Aldi, but ended up going to Kaufland (think Wal-Mart-ish).  It was fantastic! (overlooking the crowds because I found some great stuff).  Be aware though, that there are regulations on what and how much you can bring back into Switzerland.
Some of the things I found:
I was very excited to find the Pillsbury Doughboy as you can see...all I have had so far is the garlic bread....and you had to peel the paper back from the can and the dough just popped out...wonderful! :)
 Some yummy looking cheeses
 They had a bunch of Weight Watcher and other prepackaged, non refrigerated foods
 Miracel Whip.  I had no reason to buy this other than it was 1.50 Euros and I was reminded of home.  I am quite happy with the Thomy mayonnaise.
There was a HUGE aisle of these packets - there were also mac n cheese packets and other Americanized items (as distinguished by the US flag in the corner...)

The beef I bought - I bought lots of chicken as well. The Pepper Steak was good, but the other tasted kind of 'funky' and it wasn't a cooking issue.  However, for as cheap as it was, it wasn't as disappointing as it would have been had I gone to Jelmoli or some other place.
In any case, here are the results: 
I made it with a scoop of rice and some broccoli.  The rice and broccoli were great as was my husband's steak :p

Enjoy Konstanz!

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