Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thai Dishes - Part 1 of 3

The next two posts will be more of a review.  The last is a salad and dressing that will compliment these dishes or is also very good on its own.

This first one is a Thai Green Curry packet from Coop - Blue Elephant.  These each serve about 4 people, but I made both so there was a variety - and I was hoping for leftovers of something for lunch the next day :)

Oh - one more thing - these packets are also in English

What you need:
1 Thai Green Curry packet (70g or 50g for a less spicy curry.  I put in the 50 but still thought it was spicy. No one else did).
400 ml coconut cream. Not to be confused with coconut milk
250g chicken breast (I bought the already cubed chicken to save time)
2 kaffir lime leaves - optional (try the Asian store or the Thai Shop)
70g eggplant or cherry tomato (I used some of both).  The Asian store may have baby eggplants (look like large peppercorn) that are really good in this dish. (I used regular eggplant and cubed it)
1 Tbsp fish sauce (you can add 1 tbsp soy sauce + a pinch of salt if you don't like fish sauce)
1 Tbsp sugar
1 large chili (also left out)
5g fresh basil
vegetable oil
180 ml water

Heat 1 Tbsp veg. oil in a pan and add the curry packet. Stir fry until mixed well then lower the heat.

Add the coconut cream and 180ml of water. Bring to a boil

Add everything but the chili and basil.  Simmer (20-30 min) until cooked through and garnish with the chili and fresh basil.  I served it with Basmati rice.

Overall we enjoyed this recipe. Making it with the other curry dish was not that difficult and definitely doable. I had made the salad earlier in the day though. We would definitely buy the packet and make it again.

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