Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fun with breakfast

Today I thought I'd do something fun for hubby for breakfast (well lunch as I let him sleep in since he's sick).  He likes sunny side up eggs and I'm not that great at making them.  I think I get too impatient and then there is one moment of perfect eggertunity and then a second later it passes.  I am getting better though.  Apparently today when I made them, they were almost perfect (almost being that I didn't make extra toast so he could sop up the rest of the gooey egg).

What you need:
Cooking spray/butter or a non stick pan
cookie cutters (whatever shape you want)

Put the bread in the toaster and either spray or butter a frying pan.  Put the burner on medium-low.

When the toast is ready, use your chosen cookie cutter to make holes. Set the cut out part aside.

Carefully break open the egg and pour it into the shape. Put a lid on the pan and cook until the egg yolk gets a thin white film over it (the perfect moment to remove for sunny side up eggs).

If you prefer your yolk cooked (like me because I am accident prone and I can just imagine taking a bite and egg yolk going everywhere), then just carefully flip the egg and toast over for another few minutes.

Salt and Pepper to taste if desired.

I topped the egg with the cut out shapes since they didn't really look like the shapes I'd made.  I imagine if I flipped it over they would be more obvious.   In any case, hubby approved! :-)

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